March Meet the Maker

I’ve been in a funk for a bunch of weeks, maybe months. It seems to be depression I guess, with some anxiety thrown in now & again. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Probably a combo platter of factors, like these things usually are.

Social Media Hiatus

I’ve still been perusing social media but not participating much. I decided today that waiting around for this to lift doesn’t seem like the answer so I’m pushing forward.

I noticed a new challenge on Instagram at the beginning of March, called #MarchMeettheMaker, created by Joanne Hawker.

March Meet the Maker post prompts by Joanne Hawker
Click on this image to go right to the hashtag page on Instagram to meet a whole slew of makers!

I saw it on March 3 so I could have easily caught up with the prompt per day, as seen above. See paragraph above about The Funk.

Time passed, I could start where I am. The Funk.

Pushing Forward

Today I decided that even though the month is more than half over, I will start where I am. And I’ll do my best. Follow me and follow the fun!

Instagram Stefani Tadio

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