#2016BestNine Stefani Tadio Paper Art
#2016BestNine from my Instagram account

I was nominated for the #7DayArtChallenge by a fellow paper artist Megan Alchowiak of Tranquillity Designs. Pop over to my facebook page – today is Day 1!

(Tip for fellow artists: This morning I created all 7 post and scheduled them via Facebook to post every morning for the next 6 days. I’ve learned from past mistakes – time gets away from me. Plus my favorite thing – think about something once.)

Stefani Tadio Paper Art turquoise variegated thread hand stitched on black cardstock.
Three of my favorite things in one piece: hand stitching with turquoise variegated thread on black cardstock.

Box of Happiness

Laser cut paper soon to be hand stitched.
Laser cut by Smidgens of Lima, NY

I thought about taking the pieces out of the plastic bags and really getting some nice “beauty shots” but I wanted you to feel my joy at opening this box of happiness!

Artists can be weird, no really. The first step into outsourcing labor feels a little bit like “selling out”. But once I processed through it, I kind of wondered what was my big problem anyway and why didn’t I do this sooner? I bet this is common.

On the right side of the photo above, you can see owls bodies, ready for stitching. I’ll make ornaments for sure, maybe some magnets. I had a few “leftovers” to sell for the holidays in 2016, thinking for sure that the owl fad must be fading by now. Nope, not according to my customers! More shall be made!

Laser cut owl wings.
Smidgens owner Rita Villa is an artist herself so she always returns the “leftovers” like the eyeball circles in this case. I have a *ton* of these circles – I can’t wait to see what I do with them. Someday…

You can tell I was making notes during last year’s holiday sales because I’m going to mention ornaments again. My 2015 Christmas Tree ornaments were still selling well. I kind of intended to have an ornament of the year, then not make any more but that seems silly and my customers agree – they were still buying them. The red pointy pieces in the lower left of the top photograph are the backers for the trees.

My most favoritest part! See the tiny red circles? Those are 30mm in diameter, slightly less than 1-1/4″. Those are for my hand stitched pendants. I’ve never had Rita cut those before – see how many tiny stitching holes are crammed in there!? They really turned out great – in fact, I’ve already stitched a couple – couldn’t wait. I have them in other colors too because I can stick them in here and there to fill the gaps between other pieces on an 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of cardstock.

Hand stitched paper under a coat of resin.
These pendants are made from actual stitching, protected by a layer of resin. Available at Fairport Pharmacy & Gift Shop

PS You may have noticed a new look to my website. Next up – an online store! I’ve decided on which shopping cart I want to use – will get started on that today. It might be next week before you see any evidence of it – will need to take photos of new pieces, write the descriptions. I’ll have items in my Etsy shop too.

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Made on State’s Winter Open House, Feb 4

Made on State is a campus of creative businesses on State Street in the High Falls District of Rochester, NY. Many of the current tenants are friends I made from my time at The Hungerford so I got to watch this project go from a wisp of an idea to a well thought out reality. I’m a big fan; in fact, I almost became a part of this last year. I was invited to consider operating a gallery within the space. I even brought in a partner so we could bounce ideas off each other. Ultimately, we decided this wasn’t the right opportunity for us at that time. (To my knowledge they are still looking to open a gallery in the space. See madeonstate.com for contact info and to meet some of the art businesses currently residing there.)

Listen to the artists themselves plus the developer, explain the value of working together.

Everything about this hits all my favorite buttons – these people, this space, this concept. I would not be surprised if I do end up renting space there some day. Meanwhile, I’ll happily visit them at their wonderful quarterly events. Next up is their Winter Open House on February 4th, 12-4pm. The event is free but kindly register in advance so they can plan accordingly.


That’s a wrap!


The Hungerford
Suite 240 (Door 2)
1115 East Main Street
Rochester NY 14609
Saturday, January 14, 10am – 3pm

There’s additional parking, if needed, across the street at Visions Credit Union.

A few months ago three of our five partners gave notice that they would not be renewing their portion of the lease on April 30 for our suite 240 space at The Hungerford. It wasn’t a huge surprise and because they gave us plenty of notice, I had time to consider a myriad of options, such as go it alone in my own space? with my remaining partner move ahead with “replacement” partners? beg my way into another studio in the building? none of the above?

Ultimately Lori Prince and I decided to keep suite 240 alive with new partners. We invited 5, but we knew it was a long shot because of course the ones we invited were successful, had good followings and were good with promotion. Over time, 2 declined, a new year happened and I got ants in my pants to really focus on my own business. For months, I’d been all over the place with my thinking but when I settled on wanting to cut back as many outside responsibilities as I could in order to focus on my own art business, it felt right.


Poor Lori, I think I startled her with my about-face, considering we were meeting with our new potential partners within days. After a day of texting thoughts back & forth, I think she was okay with closing. Then things moved quickly! I told a few of my friends at The Hungerford that we were closing, one knew of someone wanting to move to the 2nd floor, I met him there on Monday and on Tuesday the landlord started the paperwork to have his lease for our space effective on Feb 1! So after this Saturday, a Second Saturday when we’d be open anyway – we’ll move out!

RWB Trio

I’m used to getting things done, but that whirlwind surprised even me! So we created a Facebook event, invited everyone we knew – and on Saturday, we’ll sell some art, share cookies & snacks with our guests, then start packing. That’s a wrap!

Last night we had a partners dinner (scheduled months ago) so we had fun, celebrating our 3 years at The Hungerford. Like Lori, I’m kind of excited to do a few art shows this year. I’m happy about the quick closure and can’t wait to really get working on new kits, patterns and online sales. Those are my goals. I’ve been laying the ground work, which means cleaning up my studio after the holiday madness. I don’t want to brag but I can see my floor!

Turq with Lime Kit

On Saturday I’ll have my usual assortment of hand stitched paper art, including a nice selection of pendant necklaces, made of actual stitching on cardstock, protected by jewelry grade resin, it’s like glass! Each one comes in a gift box, $28 each. (Valentine’s Day is around the corner!) 🙂


I’ll have some Hymnal Flowers – plus my newest creation – Map Flowers! I hope to see you on Saturday!


Winter’s Warmth Soup Benefit – January 13


This is a great event – VERY organized and well attended so come early to get a number to stand in line. Local potter Sabra Wood and many, many of her bowl-making friends work their hearts out making beautiful bowls to donate to this project. YOU can get an outstanding piece of art (the bowl) for a modest $20 donation. Bonus – a package of soup! Double Bonus – a warm fuzzy feeling for contributing to Healthy Sisters’ Soup & Bean Works – which helps women in recovery rejoin the work force. Triple Bonus – our colorful gift shop is right next door to this event and we’ll be open for your shopping pleasure!


All the event details are found here. New this year – entertainment while you wait! As always, graze on apps & desserts – including my world famous brownies.


So mark your calendars – you have 3 opportunities in January to say hello and purchase my hand crafted, stitched and folded paper art!

First Friday, January 6, 6-9pm
Second Friday, January 13, 5-9p
Second Saturday, January 14, 10am-3pm

The Hungerford
Door 2 – Suite 240
1115 East Main Street
Rochester NY 14609

All Things Paper



If you love paper like I do, I hope you’re following Ann Martin‘s blog All Things Paper. Ann is an amazing quiller and offers how-tos on a variety of projects, on quilling and beyond. Though we’ve never met, I’ve known Ann for years. She’s featured my work a number of times. I can’t even look at that 2009 post, I’ve come so far since then!

Please read and subscribe to Ann’s blog so you don’t miss a single post. She interviews artists from around the world, posts amazing photos and offers giveaways from time to time. My Instagram feed has grown thanks to Ann’s blog!

(This short post took me 2 hours to write because I kept getting lost in my happy paper place on Ann’s blog. So much of the work she features is breathtaking!)

Here's some of Ann's own work - she works on a lot of marriage certificates. (And people think *I* have patience!)
Here’s some of Ann’s own work – she works on a lot of marriage certificates. Look at those tiny silver scrolls, each incrementally smaller than the previous one. (And people think *I* have patience!) Click the image to see the post about this piece.



3rd Annual Artisan Sale – Nov 26


November 26, 2016, 10am – 3pm

Our beautiful gift shop will be open to help you begin your holiday shopping! Or indulge in something for yourself. We will have extra artful inventory available – see you then!

(Holidays at The Hungerford kicks off the same day so you’ll find 20+ other open studios too!)

Lori Massa- Prince, L Prince Designs Art Jewelry
Stefani Tadio, Stefani Tadio Paper Art
Tom Zachman, Tom Zachman Glass

Hungerford Urban Artists
Suite 240, Door 2
1115 East Main Street, Rochester NY 14607

Visit our Facebook event page for even more photos and posts!


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ICYMI – follow me on Instagram for my Top Ten Reasons you should own a 2016 Holiday Ornament. I post every day, mid-day, a new teaser photo!

As a business owner, I wish my numbers were reversed and I had 1204 followers and I was following 634. I do thin the herd occasionally – but gosh-0-golly, there’s a lot of really cool artists to follow! And if you’re reading this blog, presumably you like paper art. So follow me – and then check out who I follow.




First Friday & Second Saturday at The Hungerford

My delicate hymnal flowers come in 4 varieties, including this Thistle you haven’t seen before unless you went to the Purple Painted Lady Festival in September.

Last year this phenomenon happened in August, this year it’s in October. I feel like it’s even happened twice in one year. I’m sure there’s a mathematical way to figure this out but it’s way too much work. 🙂

What am I talking about? I’m talking about a month where First Friday & Second Saturday happen two days in a row. What’s the significance of this? Beats me, just a fun fact.

At the historic Hungerford, I operate a colorful gift shop along with 4 artist/friends. We’re open First Fridays, 6-9pm and Second Saturdays, 10am-3pm. (Also by appointment, hungerfordsuite240@gmail.com.) First Fridays can be quite busy – this Friday we have 27 studios open throughout the 5 story building. (Elevator concierge on duty!)

We call Second Saturdays our relaxed shopping day because it’s much less busy with fewer studios open. As you know Rochester is a happening place with lots to do on weekends, including art fairs & festivals in which many of our artists participate.

You should consider marking your calendars now for Holidays at the Hungerford, the Saturdays between Thanksgiving & Christmas, 10am-4pm. You’ll never find a time when more studios are open than during the holidays – last year we reached a holiday Saturday high of 54 studios open. It’s great shopping and really fun to talk to the person who made the piece you’re buying.

Find me in suite 240 (use door 2).

The Hungerford

1115 East Main Street

Rochester, NY 14609

We have free parking in our parking lot with overflow well-lit parking across the street at the credit union.

My best-selling songbird ornaments are back, with a wing hand stitched with silver or gold metallic thread.


I have a nice variety of colorful hand stitched pendant necklaces for sale. The actual thread on paper is protected by jewelry-grade resin.

Bonus! Getting a jump on Halloween, many of the open studios are participating in the annual Haunted Hungerford event!

The Hungerford is HAUNTED for October Frist Friday!

Join us October 7th 5-9PM. Artists studios will be open and SPOOKY!

Funky attractions:
Stranger art gallery presented by FUNgerford artists!
Creepy costume contest with prizes!
Live food and music in the basement if you dare!
Spooky food truck eats under the moonlight!

This year bring pet treats to benefit G.R.A.S.P (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets)!

Two New Shows Added


Turq Red CARD Tin Tea Light

I have new dates for you to mark on your calendars!

The first one is a not a new show, in fact I’ve done it many times but I did take a break last year and decided to apply again this year. It’s the Holiday Bazaar at the Rochester Museum & Science Center. It’s probably already on your calendar because if you’re like me, you’ve loved this show for years. It was my go-to show back when I was giving Christmas gifts – such a good place to find original art, and plenty of it.

11-24-13 Show Space

I was happy to be accepted to this year’s RMSC show but even more delighted to learn I get to have my old space back on the second floor. I’ve done my time being in nooks & crannies of the museum but I really love being in a big room with other artists with plenty of natural light (until it gets dark so early in November)!

August 2016

The other show is a one-day Artisan Sale, right in my space at The Hungerford. It’s a show that my good friend and exquisite jewelry maker, Lori Prince, has been doing for years in various locations. I was happy to join her last year and we’re eager to team up again this year and make it better than ever. Our other partner Tom Zachman, glass artist, will be there as well. Our other two partners will be at other shows or out of town but their beautiful pieces will be for sale too.

The details are found on my Shows page – and of course you’ll be hearing much more about my shows as the time approaches.