A Colorful Start to 2018

Sharpie Colored Mandala
Look ma, no thread – but still lots of color!

I purposely built in some down-time for the first part of January. I created paper art of a different kind. During that time I finally gave in to my long held desire for adult coloring books. Shocking to no one, I was drawn to mandala inspired designs. I bought a set of Sharpies, fine point. I could maneuver them (mostly) to make thin lines. Then I bought a set of ultra-fine Sharpies, but just a basic set, because surely that would do for my needs.

It’s like I don’t even know me! I bought a bigger set – this is more like it.

What if I run out of ink!? I need back-ups! And a few more colors would be nice.

Packages of Sharpies
I bought 2 more sets.


Sharpies in Captivity
At this point I had maybe 60-80 Sharpies and they really needed organized storage. I lucked out in being able to use what I have (love that).

I’ve noticed it’s been fun to play with colors and not worry about if it will sell. A couple of times, I just didn’t care for the design really, so I threw it away unfinished. I have zero plans to do anything with these colored pages. It’s the coloring where I’ve found my zen.

Fun with Sharpies
Once in a great while I’ll get “fancy” with shading but usually it’s just straight color.

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