Paper Art: A Year of Colour

Year of Colour
My Instagram Year of Colour

Yep, still talking about paper art and color! I saw this in the  Instagram feed of my friend, Meghan. She loves color as much as I do so of course I had to try Year of Colour for myself. In my head, this was going to be much brighter, given the bright colors I use in my paper art. (I’ve heard this from other people too about their own image results.) But of course it takes samples of color from everything in one’s feed – background, non-art objects so it makes sense. It’s just fun – I hope you try it. (And play around with the sliders once you get your image.)

I tend to get a fair number of compliments from customers on my use of color in my paper art. I just wing it and use colors I like (turquoise, lime green are still favorites – can’t believe I’m not sick of them yet, honestly). Turquoise & red is another favorite combination. And yellow, black & gray too.

Hand Stitched Paper Art titled Chrysanthemum using turquoise & green.
Chrysanthemum Sky, 8″ x 8″ frame. $45


Paper Art showing happy accidents of color combinations.
Sometimes a color combination is a happy accident of spools of thread sitting next to each other in my studio. That’s how I started combining red, orange and maroon.


Color Palettes from Nature
Credit: Design Seeds

Sometimes I go back to my Pinterest board of Color Palettes for inspiration. I never noticed until now how many images I’ve pinned from Jessica Colaluca’s Design Seeds. She has a wonderful eye.


Two layers of paper art flowers where I created my own varigrations using solid color thread.
I love using variegated threads but sometimes I create my own variegation with solid threads.

I know that’s a crappy photo but I love the way this turned out. I often take quickie photos to either see how it looks or to remember color combinations I feel are successful.

I need to stop writing about color and start getting my new paper art assembled and for sale! That’s my goal for this coming week. I can’t wait to show you!

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