Tools I Can’t Live Without

Accugraphic KnK Groove-e Cutting MachineWhen I first starting doing paper embroidery, I used DIY tools. I punched holes with a push pin, using paper patterns I made by folding circles in half, again and again to get even segments. I remember the day a reader of a previous incarnation of this blog, emailed me that she thought her machine could do the same thing with great speed & precision. She put me in touch with the distributor, who requested I email her a file as an example, to be sure. She assured me it could. I was still skeptical the holes would be small enough so she offered to cut me some actual pieces and mail them to me. I opened the envelope, looked at the pieces, “Aha! No holes, I knew it! Oh wait… dang, those are perfectly small.”

I’ve been using this machine for 9 years. My Klic-n-Kut Groove-e is no longer made and honestly, doesn’t work as well as it used to, even with replacing various parts. I only use it for test cuts these days since I have Smidgens laser cut all my pieces for me now.

But it’s the KNK Studio software that came with the machine that is truly my number one tool. It totally syncs with how my brain works. If I ever have to give it up, it will feel like a personal loss I’m sure. I’m too impatient to endure learning curves, but I’m sure the next thing will have features I haven’t dreamed of.

Scotch Tape, Glue Bottle, Bone Folder and Tweezers

Some of my friends were stunned to learn I purchased this Martha Stewart Scoring Board only recently. As I create my own more complex product packing, this wonderful tool assures all folds are perfect! (I have no idea why that $75 price is at that Amazon link. I bought mine there for $18.)

My tape of preference is transparent (not the Magic/slightly opaque tape) because I feel it’s stronger. I buy it as narrow as I can – this is 3/4″ and it’s rarely available in stores so I buy it online.

That bone folder looks more well used than I realized! Although I have been using this tool for 20+ years, now that I think about it.  I had a project published in a book a few years ago, All Things Paper, so I bought a new bone folder for the supplies photo. And a pincushion, which I never use. Some women have dress shoes. I have dress craft tools – used only for special occasions.

I have several of the extremely pointy tweezers. On occasion I’ve used one in each hand, Stefani Tweezerhands.

The glue bottle is my 2nd favorite tool so it deserves it’s own blog post – coming soon!

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