Let’s Talk about Glue

Indispensible Glue Dispenser
Tiny Glue Bottle

This tiny glue bottle is my 2nd favorite. I bought it from Quilled Creations, a small company that happens to be located here in Fairport, NY.

This thing is perfect because the thin white glue I use flows nicely through the tiny pin sized nozzle.  In fact, when not in use, I close it with a small stainless steel pin. When I’m using it on projects, I keep it upside down in a shot glass so the glue is always ready to spread and it keeps the tip from drying out. (I used to keep my previous shot glass pretty cleaned out of dried glue. This one, the build-up in the bottom is slowly making this glass more and more shallow!) Anyone else as kids, besides my sister Gretchen and me, spread Elmer’s glue on the palm of their hand and try to pull it off in one piece? No? Okay.

Glue Bottle with Attached Cap

The newest version of the glue bottle comes with an attached cap. Five bucks – so worth it. I’m actually a little superstitious about my tiny bottle. When I first discovered how perfect it is, I bought a few more so I’d have back-ups. But I’m still able to use the original one, so I’m very loyal to it. It knows how I glue. It gets me.

Also Used by Henna Artists

Tanya Zani Henna Portfolio



Fun fact: I was getting some Henna work done once and the artist, Tanya Zani, was using the exact same bottle. She was so excited when I told her where she can buy more!


The Perfect Glue

This is the glue that I use, PVA. Polyvinyl acetate doesn’t really sound like glue, does it? It’s pH neutral but that’s sort of a moot point with me I think, because my paper isn’t acid-free. I think I first used it in a class I took, and have never used anything else. It’s thin, bonds well – and dries clear and quickly. I buy the 16 oz size and pour it into my little glue bottle. I buy this locally at Rochester Art Supply (or FineArtStore.com online). Even if you aren’t in the market for glue, you owe yourself a trip to this store. The paper! The book-making supplies! The paper!

Small Metal Tin decorated with hand stitched & beaded paper.
Available at
Whitman Work Gallery.
1826 Penfield Road
Rochester, NY 14526

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