Getting Fancy in Miami

Silver Owl Necklace Hanging from Pottery Bottle

Steve and I are enjoying a nice vacation in Miami, FL this week. I decided to continue the tradition I started last year – posing my handstitched artisan necklaces around town. My photos aren’t very well organized but you can scroll through my Facebook photos to find photos from previous trips to Summerville, SC and Baltimore, MD. And follow me on Instagram to catch this week’s photos.

We’re staying in a condo for the first time, rather than a hotel. It was surprisingly cheaper. This is a 1 bedroom apartment, 825 sq feet, washer & dryer, Roku (which I just got at home for my studio). And boy we are living the high-life – the side-by-side refrigerator/freezer has in-door ice & water! I laugh because that’s probably standard these days. I was telling someone the other day that my 2009 Prius is my first car with push button windows! When one is adament about about using things up, the next purchase is full of surprises, ha!

Mid century decor in soft beach tones.
Looking around last night I realized why I was drawn to this particular rental – tones of aqua everywhere, with a mid-century modern asthetic!
Lounge seating with good light - perfect for stitching the nights away.
Of course the first order of business was setting up my vacation studio, as it were. I’m always fearful of bad lighting but this is superb.
Sharpies and adult coloring books.
I waffled for days – should I or shouldn’t I bring Sharpies and coloring books? How will I carry the markers? Duh – of course & stop overthinking everything, Stef!
Sequin wall art, perfect for running ones fingers through!
This morning I walked up to this art piece – nope, no glass. It’s sequins! They definitely want me to play with it.
Granier European Bakery & Cafe Dessert Case
Then we went for a walk to find lunch and ended up at Granier European Bakery & Cafe. We had sandwiches on homemade bread – sooo good. We didn’t indulge in desserts but I can’t promise we won’t return. And look at those prices, $4 each! I have my eye on the flourless chocolate cake at the top of photo.

We stopped at Publix on our way back to the condo – it’s only  block away. We mostly bought breakfast stuff. I barely cook at home, no time to start now!

We’re relaxing now and rehydrating. This afternoon we’ll go visit the eight acre park across the street. It’s right on the beach I think and also includes a dog park so that should keep us satiated. There are dogs everywhere, mostly little ones, but I saw a big English Sheep Dog last night too. An owner brought hers into the bakery to order lunch – saw them in Publix. My kind of place!

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