Firey Sunset Spirelli Necklace


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This striking necklace is made from vibrant orange thread which has been spiraled around black paper for a dazzling look. The copper bezel with a protective dome keeps your necklace clean and beautiful! It comes on a 24″ copper chain, in a lovely green gift box.

Spirelli Thread Design

Mary Everest Boole is credited with inventing the “curve stitch” in the 1800s, to make mathematical ideas more accessible to children.

Mary would tutor students with new methods; using natural objects, such as sticks or stones, in addition to the use of sewing cards, which she discovered as a form of amusement as a child. This helped to encourage the connections of mathematical concepts to outside sources. (Wikipedia)

Mary and I have several things in common. We’re both self-taught, love the spirelli design – and were born on March 11 –  124 years part.

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