My Paper Art Collection

Who are Art Collectors?

I went to an informational meeting the other day, presented by one of the founders of Rochester Art Collectors, Rome Celli. I had joined the organization as an early “Founding Member” but was still eager to learn more, to see how I fit in.

When Rome asked the group if any of us owned original works of art, we all did! The fact that I am an art collector was new to me and wow, that knocked me over! So I immediately made a note on my phone to start featuring the art I own, on my blog.

The next day I took photographs of the pieces in their natural environemnt – on shelves, hanging here and there. Not prettied up or edited. Twenty-eight photos – that surprised me! Oh dear – better break this into group collections before sharing or we’ll be here all day!

I fiddled around with creating a slide show of my paper art collection but surprisingly (not) I wanted to write more than the caption area allowed.

My Paper Art Collection

Flower & heart shaped box made from rolled up magazines & newspapers.

My mom gave me these two pieces, each purchased at her go-to gift shop One World Goods, located in Pittsford Plaza.

The handmade goods in the store represent artisans & growers in over 50 countries including the US. Each receives compensation in accordance with Fair Trade Principles.

The other reason to like the store is my friend and fellow paper artist, Karin Marlett Choi is the Visual Merchandiser.

The heart shaped one is a box with lid and both are made with tightly folded or rolled magazine pages.

Friends as Artists

Handmade leather bound tiny book ornament by Rachael Gootnick of Just Terrific
This hangs from a swing-arm lamp in my studio.

I have many creative friends and Rachael Gootnick is one of them! She’s a bookbinder & restorer and a wonderful maker. Her business is called Just Terrific because that’s what her grandmother always said to her when Rachael showed her the latest creation from her hands.

Rachael’s work ranges from book sculpture to book jewelry including earrings that are even tinier than this ornament.

Blue & white quilled snowflake ornament by Doris Clevinger.
I actually have 3 ornaments hanging from the same swing-arm lamp in my studio. Here’s #2.

I bought this from Doris Clevinger when I met her at a craft fair. I’d never seen much quilling in person before that and was thoroughly intrigued with the contemporoary design and of course the colors. Doris and I became friends and I later sold her quilling and quilting items at a local artisan gift shop I ran.



Quilled paper ornament created by Lori Prince.
Here’s the 3rd ornament on that same lamp!

Lori Prince would still be a good friend even if she wasn’t a serial crafter – but that trait definitely makes her even more interesting! (Check out her Instagram account and you’ll see evidence of her prime interests – making artisan jewelry and gardening.) I was so happy when Lori offered this to me. I wish now I’d framed it rather than letting gravity take it’s course. Still could, I guess. Hmm…

Decoupaged standing bird by Debbie Grimm of Tattered Pearls.
This bird sits in a wall mounted shadow box where I display lots of art pieces.


Debbie Grimm of Tattered Pearls made this bird. I sold her beautifully decoupaged goods when I ran a local artisan gift shop. This one, however, never made it to the floor. I bought it right out of the box after Debbie dropped it off. I guess I have a thing for birds because I have quite a few – and these colors were perfect for our living room.

What’s Kirigami?

Kirigami by Jenny Stewart, in shades of blue & silver.
I have a number of art pieces hanging about, including this piece by Jenny Stewart. Stay tuned for more hangings, especially when I get to the glass section of my collection!

I own 3 pieces by Jenny Stewart so it’s safe to say I love her work!

This can be called modular origmai but I prefer the term, Kirigami.  It’s similar to origami except kirigami allows for the paper to be cut and formed into shapes, where as origami uses one sheet of paper. Traditionally, no glue is used – the pieces are attached to each other by specfic folding techniques.

Lotus blossom in dark muted tones, by Jenny Stewart.



This lotus is another beautiful piece by Jenny Stewart. This sits in a wall-mounted shadow box in our living room. You’ll see more from this as my art collection tour continues in subsequent weeks. (Still feels a little weird to say “art collection”.)




Kirigami tree, pysanky egg and Korean baby doll.

This is the photo that really made my use of a slideshow with limited captioning ability fall by the wayside. I have so much I want to say! Most of it not about the paper art.

This photo features the third Jenny Stewart piece, a Christmas tree I keep out year round. Irene Grassmann gave me the beautiful pysanky egg a few years ago – the detail is amazing!

On a Personal Note

Now can we now talk about that doll? My mom gave that to Simon when he arrived from South Korea 30 years ago. He never really took to it but we were all amazed that she was able to find one. (Maybe she’ll mention in the comments where she got it, if she remembers.)  Also – that’s how our family has always been, no such thing as girl toys and boy toys. I was initially thinking those are Simon’s original arrival clothes but I think he was bigger than that when he arrived. We do have a box of all sorts of arrival momentos, including clothing. I don’t look through it very often but when I do, tears of happiness flow!

At four months that is about how much hair he had. Well, on the sides anyway. The back of his head was somewhat flat without much hair because he was laid down on his back most of his life. He also had jowls for days but he quickly grew out of them and has always been a skinny wisp of a thing! I love that kid – and I love my mom’s thoughtfulness with the gift of a baby doll who looked just like Simon.

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